The MLN Project

Complex virtual machine management made easy
  1. Start yast2 -> Manage software -> enter "xen" into the search bar. Mark the following:
    • kernel-xen
    • xen
    • xen-libs
    • xen-tools
    • xen-tools-ioemu
        also, search for lvm and mark the package:
        • lvm2
      • Make the Xen kernel default
         mkinitrd  -m "ext3"
      • reboot

Phase 2: Install MLN

  1. wget
  2. tar xzf mln-latest.tar.gz
  3. cd mln-latest
  4. ./mln setup

    Just go with the default choices.
  5. cp mln /usr/local/bin
  6. Next, we point MLN towards the Xen kernel we just installed:
    Edit /etc/mln/mln.conf and add the following two lines:
    xen_kernel /boot/vmlinuz-
    xen_ramdisk /boot/initrd-
  7. We are now ready to build our first project:
    mln build -f one-xen-host-on-lan.mln
  8. If the build finishes without any apparent errors, you are ready to start it:
    mln start -p xen_on_lan
    You should get the following output:
    Starting xeno.xen_on_lan in screen
    You can connect to this vm using 'screen -r xeno'
    Log on as root and don't forget to set a new root password
  9. Now you can connect to the VM using:
    screen -r xeno