The MLN Project

Complex virtual machine management made easy

Installing MLN

There are several ways to install MLN, here are the alternatives:

Standalone 'mln setup'

The most basic install is to simply download the MLN tarball and run ./mln setup inside it. The steps are explained in the documentation section. The result of this install is that the MLN software and UML will be installed on the system. All the other features that MLN might handle, such as Logical Volume Management (LVM) and XEN, have to be installed sepparately. This approach is recommended if you want as little impact on the system as possible.

Xenify installer script

One step further is the xenify script, which will attempt to install a Xen kernel on your system. The xenify script is mostly tested for Debian based distributions and Ubuntu. Xenify can also download and install MLN on your system.

Customized Ubuntu Dapper Installer CD

For those who wish to set up a virtualization server from scratch, we have created a modified ISO of an Ubuntu Dapper Install CD. This CD contains MLN, UML and Xen and will install everything automatically. It is suitable for bare-metal installs. The documentation of the cd can be found here.

A summary of the areas the different installation methods cover: