documentclass[11pt,english,a4paper]article usepackage[latin1]inputenc usepackage[T1]fontenc usepackagebabel,graphicx,varioref usepackagepalatino usepackagerelsize usepackagevarioref usepackagepdfpages usepackagefancyvrb usepackagefancyhdr usepackagesectsty usepackagetimes par usepackage[colorlinks=true,pdfstartview=FitH, linkcolor=blue, citecolor=blue, urlcolor=blue,bookmarksopen=true]hyperref par parindent=0in par fvsetframe=single,framesep=3mm,fontfamily=helvetica,fontsize=scriptsize par renewedcommandttfamilysmallbffontfamilyhelvetica par titleGetting started with MLN - 1.0.1 authorKyrre M Begnum par begindocument par section*Quick Guide for the Impatient labelquickguide par beginenumerate item MLN depends on the following software: beginitemize item Perl item uml-utilities item bridge-utils item screen item sudo enditemize par item Download MLN: beginitemize item Verb+wget item Verb+tar zxf mln-latest.tar.gz+ enditemize par par item Run the interactive setup: beginitemize item Verb+cd mln-latest+ item Verb+./mln setup+ item During the setup process, accept all defaults by simply hitting Verb+Return+ at each prompt. enditemize par item Build an example project: beginitemize item Verb+./mln build -f examples/simple-network.mln+ enditemize par item Start your new virtual network: beginitemize item Verb+./mln start -p simple-network+ enditemize par item textbfNow you should have 3 xterms, one for each virtual host in the Verb+simple-network+ project. Login as root to each one (no password) and play! par item Stop your new virtual network: beginitemize item Verb+./mln stop -p simple-network+ enditemize par endenumerate par enddocument

kyrre 2009-11-04